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I like this theme’s default header image for now. I pretty much have the same kind of books: old, worn out, mostly acquired from used bric-a-brac shops and other such serendipitous places.
I would like to be able to install themes by Derek Punsalan. This guy rocks. From the name alone, one can tell he is Filipino, so that makes me really proud. Derek’s progression as a designer has been consistent, that is, his designs being consistently good and well thought-out. He makes WP worth the choice.

I’ve been watching (mt) MediaTemple for some time, too, and still hope I can use it as host for some project next time (Derek is hosted by (mt) MediaTemple). However, it’s gone mainstream in the sense that the big players like Starbucks and Diesel and a couple of other corporate names are in its list of clients.

When I came upon (mt) MediaTemple sometime in late 2003 (company history says they’ve been a host provider since 1998), it was marketing itself to designers and those with bandwidth-hogging design portfolios as Flash and interactive designers. (mt) MediaTemple boasted — it still does — of ultra-fast dedicated servers (I believe this was the time web hosting services started cropping everywhere, largely due to the demand for more space and falling storage prices), its landing page was so clean it looked like it was a designer’s page, not a webhost. Yeah, those were the internet days not so long ago.

So I guess the fact that (mt) MediaTemple has all these big names in its list is a testimony of its quality of service. I hope they can still cater to designers and artists’ portfolios.

Derek Punsalan | (mt)


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