aga, the fighter


Today, 11 March, 2008, Aga, whom I fondly call Aga Purrrh, appears to have used up his 9th life but not without a fight. Against weakness, age and defeat, that is.

Aga was born the twin of Apa, pictured above, both lively kits of Ms. M, the 4th generation descendant of Jaja who, in turn, was the very cute kit of Derby and sibling to Unido.

Apa and Aga were named by my mother as it came to the point that we were running out of names for the feline pets. They were both jumpy and playful, had long gray tails, almost identical stripe-y gray coats and white ‘socks’. It was hard to tell them apart when they were younger cats (older kittens?).

One day, probably the human equivalent of late teenage life, Aga started taunting Apa and cat-calling out like mad in the evening. And so it was that the once playful siblings became taunter and tauntee to each other for the next five human years or so.

Aga would disappear before cat-dinner time and would sometimes miss his meals altogether. Sometimes, we see him perched on top of the mound in the empty lot adjacent to ours as if in prayer; other times we’d hear a thud on the roof to announce his arrival. Most nights, though, we can hear him pick a fight with other neighborhood cat-bullies, notorious of which was ‘The Terrorist/Intruder’, a black-and-white scruffy cat from another part of the neighborhood with a spot below his nose like Hitler’s. ‘Terrorist/Intruder’ was totally an uncharacteristic, bland, uhm, ugly cat who’d come in stealthily in the dead of night and, well, terrorize everyone else (e.g the cats). Or would seek out Aga on purpose and pick a fight with him right within Aga’s territory.

Aga, who turned out to be a bully, became a street-smart cat; he gained weight while Apa remained slender and innocent-looking…not!

Apa became the infamous bird catcher, so much so that in the last two years or so when a couple of brown birds with white fan-like tails came to nest in our trees, they would actually swoop down on Apa scaredy-cat prancing on our roof, and peck his forehead or chase him around the yard for disturbing their birdly peace. Apa, being more house-bound, also became a keen mouser, hence his ‘a.k.a’: ‘Mouser’. He remains playful and home-bound, but has learned his lesson well to not mind bird business.

As I write this, Apa is calling out like an adult cat, like what Aga used to do in the evenings. Maybe it’s just natural that he now takes on the alpha male role in the wake of Aga’s silence, diminished aggressiveness and overcoming weakness the past few days.

11 March 2008 | 3:42 pm, Aga Purrrh. Thanks, Cat, for letting us back in your nomadic life again in the past few months, letting us rub your tummy like when you were a kitty, showing us your domestic side and acknowledging that you do have a home to come back to when you need us. Hope you find the final place I prepared for you comfy, just about two feet from Rebo, so you could always be close by. Apa is now fighting with another intruder in your stead.



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2 responses to “aga, the fighter

  1. Nice photo of Apa. I like how the blur has a somewhat nostalgic effect, like a filter that softens the light.

    I don’t know how you could ever tell them apart, seriously.

  2. They have distinct characteristics, but only upon observation. They also have distinct ‘voices’, ways of lounging, striding and sun bathing, but they did always play guess-who without ever intending to. 🙂

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