WP 2.7 Dashboard surprise: Eyecandy!

Who wouldnt want a treat?

Who wouldn't want a treat?

After a long day — it didn’t help that the fickleminded early December weather was a mix of dry chilly wind and humid air  — a yummy surprise is always welcome.

You know how it is when the acknowledged cooks in the family are left to themselves in the kitchen doing their stuff while we go about our daily concerns. We know that they’re putting something *nice* together. How *nice* that will come to be, though, we leave it up to circumstance, knowing they won’t fail our expectations even when there are moments when their activities fall to the back burner of our  attention.

Such is WordPress.com’s upgrade, notwithstanding the sustained v2.7 announcement;   it can’t be helped but to ignore it sometimes, or be curious about it depending on one’s state of mind at the time that the notice appears (or is seen) on the dashboard. 

Sure, as the upgrade package was nearing its call time, the details, with appropriate caveats carefully written in, still looked like a user’s manual minus the toy. Or, more appropriately, a list of ingredients and some how-to’s. The actual serving always brings the most exhilarating moment, the proof of the pie, as they say. And, what with all the mash of time zones and probable technology-related and real-life interruptions, particularly so when the serving is done when it is least expected. Like tonight.

What a treat. Thanks, Team WordPress.com.

Some WP dashboard batch of grabs, with icons incorporated from the winners of its recnt Project Icon contest:

Sidebar Navigation, collapsed and expanded

Sidebar Navigation, collapsed and expanded



Elegant typography and icon, unobtrusive gray tabs. Boring...not!

Elegant typography and icon, unobtrusive gray tabs. With other display and Help options

QuickPress Window 

The Quickpost window

Nice QuickPress window, found in the upper right-hand corner. Nice blue 'Publish' button, too.

New Icons

Very good text and icon image combination.

Text and icon image combination; icons courtesy of the winners of Project Icon

Instant access: I heart the new Upload placement

Upload dropdown

My current favorite dropdown in look and function: Instant upload


More grabs later, perhaps? I’m having too much of a good time and I have an early Saturday thingy.


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