Spent way too much time on this since I first learned to use the computer in the ’80s. I still do. Spend time, that is.

I remember reading about Patrick Stewart being a Tetris fan and I felt comfort in knowing I was ‘sort of’ in good company. (Here’s the article fortunately still available for reading). Especially since other reads were too inclined towards scary calculations and math variables such as Ivaar Peterson’s article .

Fast-forward 21st century, researchers found a better way of qualifying Tetris through clinical tests that suggested it helped reduce Post-traumatic stress disorder [PSTD] (REF.) This is a nice angle to this addiction. It at least proved Alexey Pajitnov and friends’ hobby had social and medical value.

Happy birthday, Tetris. I know I’ll grow old still playing you.

(Graphic from Google’s commemorative Google page. Read about it.)



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