Old school greetings from Singapore


My mailbox in the past 5 years or so had been mainly of gallery invites and greeting cards, neighborhood flyers and some bills, or legal notices that find its way to our side of the compound which obliges me to sign forms on behalf of their intended recipients.

I’m talking of the slits on our gate facades to the street, not the free web space that has virtually all but wiped out the mailman from oblivion; the one that receives envelopes with words that match our identities.

Anyway, there were very few occasions when the mailbox springs surprises since people stopped trooping to post offices but never tired of forwarding chain upon chain of jokes, gossip and email what-have-you’s.

One late morning, in the early days of June, came two postcards from Singapore. These were, however, not in the mailbox, but were inserted in between the ornamental iron grillwork of our gate that sat just above it.

The postcards were from Kate, fellow Mac user and Mac forum member, online friend and who, like myself, is an animal lover. A kindred soul, Kate, a former PAWS volunteer, was now giving her design services to a company based in Singapore and who, she once posted online, while more than ready to jump into the OFW bandwagon, was torn about being apart from her dear Nugget.

Kate chanced upon two vintage-looking postcards in Singapore she said reminded her of me because of the coffee drawings and the word “kaffee”, my online nick, prominent on one of them.

I was more than happy to be notified by Kate about her sending me these. When they finally arrived at my doorstep, practically, I was joyous because it brightened my dreary June morning.

Handwritten mail is always special and not just because I love collecting postcards; I value what’s written on them more than anything. It was those rare days when the mailman’s knock was more than welcome.

Hey, Kate, here they are, happy among my set of special ones from family and friends. Thanks!

PS. See that one on the upper left-hand corner? That’s PiCATso, from Paris 🙂


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