House of Cats (by Courtland Lomax for Swarovski)

An animated short to promote Swarovski’s crystal line by Mr. Court Productions.

I also love the illustrations of Brigette Barager. “Camille”, “Theo”, “Pierre” and “Marie” are like my cats. 🙂
– – – – – – – – – – – – –

Directed by Courtland Lomax
Music by Brian Young
Compositing by Ethan Metzger
Backgrounds and Designs by Brigette Barrager
Layouts by Sean Jimenez

Adam Muto
Jules Soto
Shiyoon Kim
Bert Youn
Matthais Bauer
Eric Fountain
Courtland Lomax
Leo Matsuda
Matt Pugnetti
Jennifer Hager
David Nam

Sean Jimenez
Esther Shin
Jinyoung Park
Juliana Park
Kelli Kuest
Matt Pugnetti


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