Globe Tattoo

HUWEI    E1552
FW v. 11.608.10.00.00

I understand that the recent typhoons rendered some base stations and cellsites damaged by Ondoy/Ketsana last week, resulting in a slowdown in most cell networks, Globe included.

While Peping/Parma hovers over the north-eastern part of Luzon as of this writing, Globe Tattoo’s USB wifi connection has been painfully slow.

It’s 4 am in Quezon City and I had not gone past any significant webpage, viewed sites or uploaded/downloaded attached files successfully from Gmail. I am on WCDMA network now in which my download speed is at 39 kbps and upload at 1.6kbps.

I’m supposed to be getting better bandwidth because almost everyone in the Philippines is asleep, thereby freeing up some data transfer rates but there is no marked difference between WCDMA now and GPRS an hour ago. It does not help that the remote server keeps on disconnecting &emdash thrice since 1am earlier &emdash if not an “error in connection” from unknown reasons.

I had been viewing email on Gmail using the basic HTML version for a week just so that I can successfully open and respond to several mails.

Are we getting a raw deal from this postpaid Globe Tattoo USB wifi stick? Should I tweak the firmware to make this connection alive and moving? Should I dump it in favor of Sun USB wifi modem which has been getting favorable feedback from users in the past month, or SmartBro PlugIt which has been a second choice of several mobile wifi users?

What gives, Globe?

If I were to rate this from 1-5, with 5 as “recommended”, I’d give this a “1”, unfortunately.



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5 responses to “Globe Tattoo

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  3. Hahaha. Same sentiments here. Let’s join forces and burn our Php 899 USB sticks together…

    It’s really just a marketing gimmick. Globe is good at it but it’s technical equipment is lacking. A lot of microwave towers have to be setup even in Manila. I know this because Globe has a soon-to-be functional microwave tower at the top of our building. The engineer admitted holes in the network which have zero to no connection.

    So even if you tweak the device it won’t increase your speed. Try this instead. Put another telcom’s sim! 😉

  4. Kat

    Well that’s disappointing. I just bought mine this morning and compared it with SmartBro since the rest of my family uses it and it was a lot faster. :/ I feel cheated. Psh.

  5. Pao

    Hello there! Sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with Globe Tattoo. Check out and maybe we can help you. Also here’s a list of tips:

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