Globe Tattoo-2, Philippine Chronicles…

…or why decent, proprietary Internet access remains a dream for the Filipinos in the Philippines while Finland enforces rules[1] to make Internet access a legal right for all by 2010.[2]

FW v. 11.608.10.00.00
Mac OS 10.4

The Philippines will probably take decades to even catch up with Finland at this point as it has other Internet and computer technology-related issues to deal with.

And so, I write this post, a follow-up post to an earlier one about Globe Tattoo (Postpaid). I am posting this from a neighborhood internet cafe as sending a 786kb zipped file attachment was a painful experience all day today.

It also did not help that Gmail was both slow to load and even slower in uploading the file. I wasn’t sure if the slowness in the Tattoo connection had anything to do with Google and Gmail’s much slower response time which resulted in my being disconnected several times.

Another recent development with regards Globe Tattoo is how its desktop interface freezes up on manual disconnection.

I have had to force-quit the app several times today. Out of 6 attempts, 4 of them would quit on the Option+Command+Escape window, but remain among the open apps that show up on Alt+Tab toggle command.


I had to do a hard reset 4 times just today because of it; this is not good for the laptop.

Anyone else had a similar experience with Globe Tattoo, especially recently?

WP Notes

By the way, this is my first ever post using a 14in. monitor at the ‘net cafe and, my, do I miss the real estate of the home-based portable.

I am posting on the WP “HTML” view option on Windows XP and IE 6.0(!!!) as the “Visual” view messes up the widgets to the right, causing them to stay on top of the post window.


Oh well.


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