Short journey

This space had been very quiet for some months. So, been busy–in real life–but sill managed to follow what Charice has been up to. There had since been other blogs about her, even right here on Posterous, and that's fine, especially in helping spread the word out for Charice (this space had been delinquent doing that, anyhow).

YouTube user "o7307o" got busy recently and I came upon his/her video mash-up which is pretty great, to say the least, considering the amount of time one spends hunting down videos and putting them together. Props to you, "o7307o".

So, with the news on her inclusion on "Glee"–Charice, that is–and an even more emotional, full circle career move for her by guesting in Korea's StarKing where it all started, "o7307o"'s video is a short journey into Charice's phenomenal 3-year journey into much, much bigger things. For her, and for the country she does proud. 


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