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Cosmic latté

Buzzfeed asks “What color is the universe?” and offers an answer in this video via


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I created an ALL ONDOY SHOUTOUT PAGE for information on rescue and donations, a CENTRAL HUB, a DISASTER MAP and Twitter posts.

Watch a visualisation of all posts on ONDOY in the Twittersphere.

Please help when you can.

Currently needed for donations:


READY-TO-EAT FOOD that will NOT spoil




Also, NEW intimate wear for the women/girls and men/boys
BAGS for their belongings
FOOD HOLDERS or VESSELS to hold relief food.

Thank you.

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weather weather

I am listening to all of Nature’s collection of drum rolls in its arsenal right now.

~ 2:29 pm, Quezon City

Post scriptum

Really, when Nature puts on a show, everybody halts to listen, watch or do some inward reflection.

After all, what else can we do when caught in a light show in the mid-afternoon, with incessant rolling and barreling and banging of the skies above, and a burst, an unstoppable flow of the skies’ mighty waters that rushes our negligence away.

And then, a deafening silence. And a sigh. And then the sound of every body’s routine creeping back in, slowly breaking the hush, taking over what was, for a few minutes there, a reminder of our fragility.
~ 3:27pm


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