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Uh, ‘Scuse Me???? (Ripping Marco) 12.10.08

Ok. So designer, CSS/web compliance advocate, Philippine Web Designers Organization (PWDO) core member and mini-conference resource person Marco Palinar found out today that his portfolio page was copied en toto by India-based websapient [dot] com under its own portfolio page, without a trace of reference back to Marco.

Marcos, top; the copy, bottom

Marco's portfolio page (top) and the exact copy (bottom)

Marco is now a victim of what may be the ‘real’ online theft which has plagued the internet since its commercial use became unstoppable: plagiarism.

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WP 2.7 Dashboard surprise: Eyecandy!

Who wouldnt want a treat?

Who wouldn't want a treat?

After a long day — it didn’t help that the fickleminded early December weather was a mix of dry chilly wind and humid air  — a yummy surprise is always welcome.

You know how it is when the acknowledged cooks in the family are left to themselves in the kitchen doing their stuff while we go about our daily concerns. We know that they’re putting something *nice* together. How *nice* that will come to be, though, we leave it up to circumstance, knowing they won’t fail our expectations even when there are moments when their activities fall to the back burner of our  attention.

Such is WordPress.com’s upgrade, notwithstanding the sustained v2.7 announcement;   it can’t be helped but to ignore it sometimes, or be curious about it depending on one’s state of mind at the time that the notice appears (or is seen) on the dashboard. 
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web virtuoso: The State of the Web ’08 according to matthew inman

Matthew Inman is a web virtuoso. Very few citizens who populate the web in one form, type or other is as savvy as he: a designer, a developer, a CTO (that’s: Chief Technology Officer — which makes him a Technologist, too, I guess),  a web marketer, “Linkbait Developer & Viral Marketer” (his words) and, above all, a web artiste.

How else can one capture a whole virtual concept into a simple visual and be beautiful and understood without the pain of complex processing information?

But isn’t that what masters do: squeeze out the philosophy effortlessly, then show the nuggets in the palm of their hands?

State of the Web 2008


Posted and seen two days ago (08 July 2008). Blogged today.

Beautiful, isn’t it?. 

Matthew Inman’s Summer.

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