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iQuickNotes for the iPhone: a Filipino app

Filipino IT consultant and fellow Mac forum member Floyd Piedad of BlueInstinct Solutions in Manila posted a thread seeking support for iQuicknotes v1.0, an application for the iPhone in lieu of its default Notepad app. (Release date: 03/01/2009)

Now here’s something that should be reflective of our status as texting capital “of the world” that goes beyond managing corner stalls of ringtone download and wallpaper services, jail breaking and unbelievably cheap mobile phone monthly rates.

The site describes the app as:

“…designed with the simple goal of having a better-organized notepad. We had just one critical usability requirement: you should be able to open your note in as little as two clicks after opening the application.”

Features include:


  1. FOLDERS: Group your notes into folders or subfolders, with the number of notes contained indicated

  2. SEARCH: Search for any word in your folders or notes title AND contents

  3. FAVORITES TAB: Tag notes or folders as your favorite and quickly see them through the Favorites tab at the bottom

  4. BY DATE: Want to view your most recently added or edited note or folder? Just click on the By Date tab at the bottom

  5. BY NAME: All your notes and folders are indexed by their first letter for easy access

I do not own an iPhone but would be supportive, as I hope you will be, too, of application development that are meant to help in productivity and better information management.

Floyd wrote in another Mac forum that he submitted the app in February 2009. That it took less than a month for Apple to approve it among thousands of third-party apps submitted, and is now available from the iTunes store, means iQuickNotes fulfills Apple’s requirements. It must mean that iQuickNotes has something to contribute to iPhone users in a substantial way.

The app will be of better service if iPhone owners try it out (v1.0, download from here) and send their comments and suggestions to support@blueinstinct.com.


More technical info on iQuickNotes from apptism.com
Developer’s site, screen shots and app description here.
A community of Filipino iPhone Programmers can be read about here.


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