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web virtuoso: The State of the Web ’08 according to matthew inman

Matthew Inman is a web virtuoso. Very few citizens who populate the web in one form, type or other is as savvy as he: a designer, a developer, a CTO (that’s: Chief Technology Officer — which makes him a Technologist, too, I guess),  a web marketer, “Linkbait Developer & Viral Marketer” (his words) and, above all, a web artiste.

How else can one capture a whole virtual concept into a simple visual and be beautiful and understood without the pain of complex processing information?

But isn’t that what masters do: squeeze out the philosophy effortlessly, then show the nuggets in the palm of their hands?

State of the Web 2008


Posted and seen two days ago (08 July 2008). Blogged today.

Beautiful, isn’t it?. 

Matthew Inman’s Summer.


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