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hello world!

Yet another blog. I feel the need to have another space just for ideas — short ones, hopefully, related to what really drives my spirit — ideas that do not fit in the other blogs I’ve created. May or may not be regularly updated. No particular advocacy, not a party site either. Family, alumni, clients — none of those here.

Still trying out two themes. It’s a choice between WP default themes PRESSROW AND CUTLINE, BOTH BY CHRIS PEARSON. I like this theme (“Pressrow”) for its serif font, but dislike the side bar titles which I find too big. “Cutline” on the other hand, has the perfect font size for me, but I’m not currently in the mood for sans serif. We’ll see.
Hmm…The texts go back to the the last line of the paragraph above when in “Save and edit” mode. I don’t like that. Could it be a Safari issue? I’ve read this WP theme quirk recently the user said she solved it by entering bulleted lines. Well, I am not about to do the same, so I hope either Safari or WP or styles sheets will be compatible at some point. Like Bluetooth devices.
Anyhow, I like the white background of both, and the wider text space. I also like the image in the header of this one (“Pressrow”).
Really, what I needed was virtual space that approximates paper; a blank slate: my convenient tabula rasa that needs to be attacked; that needs forming or formulating. In other words, that needs to be used. So, this theme may change. But for now, it’s good enough to work on.


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