Cosmic latté

Buzzfeed asks “What color is the universe?” and offers an answer in this video via


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“Meet Meta” [or, MOOC-ing a character, Part 1]

Meet Meta.

A septuagenarian culture blender. She was once described as a flâneuse.
Those who did understood little, or knew nothing, of her uncommon ability.

Her entry is viewable as an interactive PDF through the image below.

Meet Meta

Meta is a character I created in 2 days as a Task (assignment) under’s The Future of Storytelling course in which I am enrolled.

Now on its 3rd week, The Future of Storytelling is conducted by faculty members of Fachhochschule Potsdam (the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam) or FHP, together with resource persons from the film, television and transmedia industries.

The lectures are done via videos and the Course divided per Chapter. Each video averages from 5-10 minutes. I thought I wouldn’t be able to handle “going back to school” but since I spend pretty much my time online replying to emails, researching, and the occasional Tweets and blog updates, I thought as well spending some of it doing something more interactive with others, something more focused and with a definite goal.

I was intimidated at first but the past 3 weeks have been with some nice surprises, a lot of interesting reads and, overall, amazingly fun learning.

The “Future of Storytelling” is one of 10 awarded (from 250 submitted) proposals received by when it conducted a MOOC contest between March 11 to April 30 2013. It currently has the most number of enrollees at around 50,000.

Berlin-based launched in October 15, 2013 with estimated 115,000 enrollees from around the globe. This number makes Europe’s youngest and biggest MOOC provider. It is Europe’s answer to the U.S.-based Coursera. conducts its courses in English and German.

This year’s MOOC programs and the higher learning institutions handling them are as follows (DATE/CATEGORY)
List is only the English courses:

■ “The Future Of Storytelling” (Ongoing)
Prof. Winfried Gerling, Prof. Constanze Langer, Christina Maria Schollerer, and Julian van Dieken

■ “Dark Matter in Galaxies: The Last Mystery (Ongoing)
15 OCT. 2013 /PHYSICS
SISSA di Trieste

■ Contemporary Architecture (Ongoing)
15 OCT. 2013
Prof. Dr. Ivan Shumkov /

■ “Political Philosophy: An Introduction” (Ongoing)
Universitá degli Studi di Firenze

■ “Design 101” (Ongoing)
 28 Oct. 2013 / ART STUDIES
(Accademia di Belle Arti, Catania)

■ “Public Privacy: Cyber Security and Human Rights”
Universiteit Utrecht


■ “Monte Carlo Methods in Finance”
20 JAN. 2014 /  ECONOMICS
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

■ “Modelling and Simulation using MATLAB®”
RheinMain University of Applied Sciences

■ “DNA – From Structure to Therapy”
05 APR. 2014 / BIOLOGY
Jacobs University

■ “The Fascination of Crystals and Symmetry”
15 APR. 2014 / CHEMISTRY
Universität Hamburg

■ “The DO School Start-Up Lab”
The DO School

■ “The European Union in Global Governance”
KU Leuven / European University Institute / Universität Passau

■ “Vehicle Dynamics I: Accelerating and Braking” / ENGINEERING / 15 APR. 2014
“Vehicle Dynamics II: Cornering” / ENGINEERING / SPRING 2014
“Vehicle Dynamics III: Vertical oscillations” / ENGINEERING / FALL 2014
Helmut-Schmidt-Universität der Bundeswehr Hamburg

Go ahead. Check them out.

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Proof of life

"The truth finally dawned" - via Hillary Allison,

“The truth finally dawned” – via Hillary Allison,

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“Conference calls” / Justin Leibow

Very familiar. Glorious typography.
I’ve been in these situations before and frequently been exposed to this kind of chatter-filled environment.
via Justin Leibow.

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May 11, 2013 · 8:56 am

your brain on Google

Neuroscientist, Gary Small, tells CBS News’ Daniel Sieberg how technology may be making us smarter.


Read the video in context from The End of Cyberspace here or Newsweek’s The Daily Beast where it was first featured here.

View other videos of Dr. Gary Small on his website here.


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Re-blogged: “The Who, Why, And How Of Twitter”

via @ Holy Kaw!

Full story

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A Google off-guard moment…again. (April 1)

Of all the April Fool’s Day jokes I eagerly await for, it’s Google’s that makes or breaks it for me.

Google Motion (Beta) Apr 1, 2011

Google Motion (Beta) Apr 1, 2011

Ever since its first April Fools Day joke pulled off to very unsuspecting users like myself in 2000, of its “Mental Plex” page (back then, the term “‘netizen” was still so much in vogue, preceded by the clichéd “information superhighway”, and “broadband speed” at home was a dream state we all wished to have), Google’s April Fool’s Day pages were the ones that’d get women like myself, inclined to a little bit of geeky-ness, happily face-palming and getting like-minded discussants into hours-long analyses, Google easter egg lists and such, in forums and chat rooms (it was even more fun when newer members joined in).

Eleven years into this tradition with a few hits and misses — TISP‘s description was so obvious it was corny even before I clicked on the link — Google’s April 1st jokes rank among those diversions that make hours of soaking up information online delightful.

Thinking that 2011’s Google’s Motion (Beta) could be a Mac-specific feature similar to LiquidMac, a fun, novelty app that mimics the movement of liquid in a computer by its orientation (using Apple laptops’ built-in sudden motion sensor technology), I thought , falling into the Apple-user snob mode I realized I hadn’t completely shed off yet (and feeling a little sorry for it), “So, is this cross-platform?,” yet something ticked the instant curiosity pushed the button.

This time, Google caught me off-guard. And a smack on the cheek to go with it. Fun!

My favorite April Fools Day Google joke so far are:

  • Scratch and Sniff (2008) and its reference to books vis-a-vis print getting more digitized;
  • Jobs at Copernicus Center (2004) with its nice illustrations and great geek-y copy;
  • Gmail Paper (2007) and how it resounds so much with life around email;
  • Gmail Custom Time (2008), in relation to above entry;
  • the CADIE (2009) project;
  • last, but certainly not the least, Google’s life-changing Gmail announcement (in relation to (2007) and (2008); see image grab above again for details).

Finally, a shoutout to Google and YouTube’s April Fools Day continuing collaboration. In celebration of Jackie Chan’s recently wrapped up film 1911 (ironically, Jackie Chan was just the subject of a Twitter hoax two days ago), YouTube’s wayback window and logo are too good to miss, I can’t let this pass.


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