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WP 2.7 Dashboard surprise: Eyecandy!

Who wouldnt want a treat?

Who wouldn't want a treat?

After a long day — it didn’t help that the fickleminded early December weather was a mix of dry chilly wind and humid air  — a yummy surprise is always welcome.

You know how it is when the acknowledged cooks in the family are left to themselves in the kitchen doing their stuff while we go about our daily concerns. We know that they’re putting something *nice* together. How *nice* that will come to be, though, we leave it up to circumstance, knowing they won’t fail our expectations even when there are moments when their activities fall to the back burner of our  attention.

Such is WordPress.com’s upgrade, notwithstanding the sustained v2.7 announcement;   it can’t be helped but to ignore it sometimes, or be curious about it depending on one’s state of mind at the time that the notice appears (or is seen) on the dashboard. 
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More WordPress stats: “Breaks 4 million hosted blogs mark” [Startupmeme.com]

startupmeme.com's WP 4mn mark image

I have to give it to the guys at WordPress. This heads up came from Plurk friend Startupmeme.com today on WordPress’ new milestone: surpassing the four-million mark for WordPress.com hosted blogs as soon as September entered the 2008 calendar.

The news was drawn from Joseph Scott’s blog posted on Sept. 3, 2006, or three days before WordCamp Philippines in which he proposes that if the sign up trend continues, WordPress.com “will hit 5 million in less than 4 months [or possibly] (end of December?)”.

WordPress.com, on which this blog is hosted, is the free blogging platform of WordPress.

During the recently-concluded WordCamp Philippines 2008, Matt Mullenweg showed a slide from his presentation of an increase of 1 million in WordPress blogs between his talk in Manila and WordCamp San Francisco in August — in just within three weeks.

Matt also said at WordCamp Philippines 2008 that there have been, thus far:

  • 4 million beta-testers
  • 11 million downloads so far
  • a total of 5 default plug-ins use in WordPress blogs on the average
  • between 1-2.3 million new blogs

This milestone proves that the principle behind WordPress’ dedication towards user satisfaction and a continuous effort towards achieving a robust and secure platform is on the right track.

Because of Matt’s personal appearance and targeted presentation last Saturday, it is comforting to know that there are companies, developers, programmers and designers who are inclined to listen to users and strive to offer good service. I wish all the guys over at WordPress all the best.


Image above courtesy of startupmeme.com from Joseph Scott’s blog
Joseph Scott’s original post
Startupmeme.com’s post with some additional data
WordCamp 2008 Philippines status report
Breakaway sessions at WordCamp 2008 Philippines from stellify.net
Some images from the WordCamp 2008 Philippines
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